2019, 13.00

For Solo Percussion and Percussion Ensemble

Written for Tatiana Koleva and the Youth Percussion Pool

Premiered on May 30th, 2019


2019, 50:00

For Voices, Saxophone, Trombone and Soundtrack

Written for plan-d

Premiered on January 31st, 2019

The Healing

2015, 4:00

Voice, Cimbalom, Accordion, Violin, Contrabass

Written for The Fish Pond Song (video installation)

Premiered on December 19th, 2015


2014, 10:30

Solo Flute with Soundtrack

Written for Anne La Berge


2014, 05:00

Oboe and Rowing Percussionist

Written for Louis Andriessen's 75th Birthday

Premiered on May 8th, 2014

My Private Odyssey

2014, 95:00

Flute with Electronics, Violin (Acoustic and Electric) with Kick Drums, Piano/Keyboard and Soundtrack

Written for Club Guy & Roni and Staatstheater Mainz with Anne La Berge, Monica Germino and Tomoko Mukaiyama


2014, 4:00

Voice, Flute and Electronics

Written for My Private Odyssey (Club Guy & Roni)


2014, 09:00

Amplified Violinist with Two Kick Drums

Written for Monica Germino


2013, 02:00

Double bell trumpet

Written for Marco Blaauw

I Woke Up Blind

2013, 06:00

Recorder with Various Whistles, Bells and Small Toys and Soundtrack

Written for Susanna Borsch



For Piano with Metronome

Written for Daniel Matej


2013, 04:40

Saxophone Quintet (Soprano, Alto, Two Tenors and Baritone)

Written for Branford Marsalis and the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet

Premiered on April 23rd, 2013


2012, 16:00

Chamber Orchestra, Soundtrack and Solo Performer

Written for Celso Antunes and the Radio Kamer Filharmonie


2012, 90:00

Written for Club Guy & Roni, Götenborg Opera and Ballet


2010, 09:30

Violinist with Two Kick Drums

Written for Diamanda Dramm

In The Beginning

2010, 03:45

Baritone Saxophone and Soundtrack

Written for Ties Mellema

Fuzzbox Logic

2009, 11:00

Electric Violin, Five Fuzzboxes and Soundtrack

Written for Monica Germino


2008, 59:28

Piano and Digital Metronome

Written for Guy Livingston

Blood and Prayer

2008, 13:30

Rock Voice, Flute (also Piccolo), Clarinet (also Soprano Sax), Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Synthesizer, Accordion, Cimbalom, Violin, Viola, Cello and Soundtrack

Written for VENI Ensemble

The Ships

2005, 05:00

Two Voices and Marimba

Written for Tatiana Koleva for March Music Days, Bulgaria

Month of Ghosts

2003, 14:00

Amplified Voice, Small Radio, Soundtrack

Written for Ayelet Harpaz


2003, 04:00


Written for Diamanda Dramm

Beverwijck Overture

2002, 09:00

Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, String Quartet

Written for Albany Symphony Orchestra for 'Dogs of Desire'

Symphony 01

2001, 27:00

Symphonic Big Band

Written for NPS For Nederlandse MuziekDagen 2001

Premiered on December 13th, 2001

Painted Theatre

2001, 60:00

Live Electronics and Soundtrack

Written for Choreographer Bianca van Dillen

Little Medusa

1999, 07:00

Disklavier and Live Electronics

Written for X-OR Electronic X-tension Festival 1999


1998, 04:00

Solo Voice & Cello

Written for Frances-Marie Uitti

Hello Pop Tart

1997, 05:00

2 Voices, Violin, Bass Recorder, Trombone, 2 Synthesizers, Contrabass and Percussion (also version for Flute and without Recorder)

Written for Tomoko Mukaiyama and Maarten Altena Ensemble


1996, 06:00

Amplified Hardanger Fiddle

Written for Mary Oliver

Mind River

1995, 08:00

Voice, Flute, Alto Saxophone, Accordion, Piano, and Contrabass / Version with Oboe, Viola and Cello replacing Alto Sax and Accordion (1997)

Written for Jaap Blonk and Ensemble Novocento


1994, 05:00

Baritone and Electric Guitar

Written for Charles van Tassel

Thrash and Variations

1992, 07:00

Bass Clarinet and Boombox, version for Amp. Flute (1995)

Written for Hein Pijnenburg

Window Blow-Out

1991, 06:00

For Voice and Six Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar and Drums

There are two forms of aging

1988, 18:00

For Pianist with One Grand Piano and One Upright Piano

Written for Kathleen Supové

Premiered on August 12th, 1988


1986, 16:00

Percussion Quintet

Written for Steve Schick and the Fresno State Percussion Ensemble


1986, 14:00

Two Amplified Flutes

Written for John Fonville and Anne La Berge


1985, 07:00

Amplified Flute

Written for J. S. Winston


1984, 06:00


Written for Bertram Turetzky

Premiered on November 25th, 1984


, 03:30

Oboe d'amore

Written for Aisling Casey