Body O’ Graphic

Body O’ Graphic



Programme notes

‘Body O’Graphic’ was the title song of the second Analecta CD and is, probably, even hopefully, the only love song written for an art critic named Rosalind Krauss.


As I wait for your erasure
signed up and checked off to come out from under your X
I’ve formed some vague notion of floating out to your margins
corrupting your precious jargon
but there are complicating ef-ef-effects

Lately, I can’t get enough

As I wait for you to name me
to place me in your safety net of textuality
I’m making some changes, parts of me slip away undetected
identity unaffected but something’s deep-sixing my stability

Cho: Lately, I can’t get enough of your body o’ graphic
Lately, I can’t get enough time between the lines
Lately, I can’t get enough of your body o’ ‘rotico
Mind over matter over matter over mind
I need to get your body o’ graphic next to mine

As you press me into your folded pages
bound between your covers, I’m thinking ‘let’s finger this index’
trying to hold out but what’s mine is left in doubt when you insist on having the last say
I can’t resist your textual freeplay;
the way your meanings slide its got me all tied up

Lately, I can’t get enough

You swivel, swivel that spotlight
into my face and my world goes blind
I shrivel, cut off from your hindsight
reach into my pockets but stone-cold words are all I find

As I write the last love letter
to signed, sealed and returned without forwarding address
I’m faking some feeling of comfort as I close it
‘sincerely yours’ just shows it
I kneel as I confess (cho)

© 1993 VOLSAP Music, Amsterdam