1998, 04:00

Solo Voice & Cello

Written for Frances-Marie Uitti


Frances-Marie Uitti

Programme notes

Also in version for ensemble, see ‘Bitter Green Lullabies.’


Strung up
barely breathing
I’ve got my heat-seeking eyes
I’ve got my heat-seeking eyes
I’m slip-
Strung out
barely sleeping
I play this speed junkie lullaby
With my heat-seeking eyes
I’m slipping past your guard
I’m crawling through a passage
whose walls are cold and hard
Black and red are the hottest colors on the earth
black and blue are the colors I wore at birth
Between the Black and the Adriatic, your kingdom lies in wait
but the fingers are trembling on your hand of fate
Telephone rings
it’s you on the line
“”I can’t sleep from all that racket
you’re making all the time.””
In the stairway, curved and narrow
to your door, one floor below
Must be the buzz of faulty wiring
that drives you to be so
When I grabbed your head with my right hand
your long, brown hair with my left
I took my bow, so long and narrow
and played this song upon your head

© 1998 voLsap Music, Amsterdam