2014, 4:00

Voice, Flute and Electronics

Written for My Private Odyssey (Club Guy & Roni)


Programme notes

Text by Ko van den Bosch.
Also available in version for 19-tone Trumpet and MalletKAT or Keyboard with Sampler.


knows no music
knows no history.
Dog knows no time.
Dog knows other stuff.
Dog knows ball, stick, frisbee
Dog knows no maps
Dog knows trails
Dog knows rabbit, blood.
Dog knows thirst
Dog knows smell as Marcel Proust does
Dog knows sleep
Dog knows mating
Dog knows a Trojan horse when he smells it.
Some dogs know little boy
and Hiroshima.
Some dogs are smart.
Dogs know
you were here
and you are here.
The lack of time helps them
in their enthousiasm.