Round and Round

Round and Round




Programme notes

This is the oldest song in this collection, I wrote it when I was 16. I probably still like it because it managed to tell a story with a clear image of a cop singing to himself in a police car, thinking about his partner.


You’re such a friend to me
I know you’d kill for me
Its such a thrill for me
When I arrest you and you arrest me

We laugh and drink coffee together
Eat donuts and ride in our car
We work so well together
Arrest people, make ‘em ride in our car

When we put on our clothes
Blue shirts, badges shiny and then our guns
Comb our hair amd close our lockers
Blue shirts, badges shiny, we load our guns

cho: When the lights go ‘round and ‘round
That’s my favorite sound (repeat)

The day so bright today
We wear sunglasses and we never get hot
Taking a shower after our day
I get a feeling that I like a lot

I feel so lucky we can talk about it all
When I get down, its you I can call
When I drop off the kids, when I kiss the wife
I think about things, how they are in my life

I’m playing catch with the son, I take the wife to a store
We go to a movie and I think its a bore
I get down, I’m not hungry and I don’t why
I got everything I wanted but this is something that happiness can’t buy


The day so bright today

©1978 Saprophone Music, Amsterdam.