Vin Scully

Vin Scully

, 08:00

Voice, Two Percussion, Live Electronics

Written for David Dramm, Robert Poss, Wim Konink, Marcel Andriessen

Premiered on December 4th, 1996



Programme notes

‘Vin Scully’ is part of the song cycle ‘All Lit Up’ (1996), commissoned by Huis aan de Werf in Utrecht. The electronic part was designed by Robert Poss. ‘All Lit Up’ spins out a semi-fictive story of two East Coast architects who, in trying to save the future of architecture, wind up in Las Vegas.

Among the voices heard is that of Vin Scully, a real life radio baseball announcer known for his suavely poetic descriptions of the sport. His cool demeanor and opening lines seem right out of a Cosmopolitan advertisement.


Because you’re you.
Because love is how you live it.
Because you’re the deserving one.
Because class is never out of style.

Because you get down to business.
Because rhetoric is a language you can plan for now.
Because the kind of question you’re asking is on everybody’s lips.

Because cool memories are no investment.
Because form is always on the tip of your tongue.
Because the sorrow of the past is all done.

Because you’ve got a rocket arm.
Because an opening remark can be misplaced.
Because you’re open to suggestions.


Because he loves to hear from you.
Because he didn’t catch on.
Because he’s sensitive to the touch.
Because he’s one in a million.

Because he’d sample you in a second.
Because he spoke your brand-name.
Because he’s got the cursed Vitruvian strain in him,
only its injected in the wrong way.


Because that about sums it up.
Because the ball’s in your court.
Because there’s always a first time around.